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1. It has been three days since B breastfed last.

2. I have cried off and on for the last three days.

3. I have been feeling nauseous and sore and tired and sad and cranky.

4. I stayed home from work yesterday and plan to do the same today. It’s just better that I not be around people right now.

5. I worked my ass off from home yesterday which helped to keep my mind off feeling sad and from wanting to throw up.

6. B will be two in two weeks time. The plan was always to wean once B turned two.

7. Three days ago B stopped asking for boobie, so I went with it. She has asked a couple times since then, but has been totally fine with me saying “no”.

8. I have told B that Mommy has ouchy boobies and that there is no more milk when she has asked. She kissed my boobies and said “all better” each time [insert crying here].

9. Organic 2% milk and SunRype Fruit Plus Veggies juice boxes (no sugar added) have been B’s go-to beverages during this transition. She wasn’t a big milk drinker before, but she asks for it specifically now. She won’t drink homoginized milk.

10. We have already been sleeping better. Bitter sweet.


10 thoughts every Tuesday. Here goes!

1. I’m super busy scheduling classes at work this week. I both love and hate the process.

2. I had crazy nightmares last night that left me feeling disturbed today. I attribute the dreams to stress and Chinese food.

3. We ordered Chinese food online last night. Our order arrived in 30 minutes and was delicious.

4. While we meal-planned for the week this past weekend, my husband and I were especially unmotivated to cook last night.

5. Miss B, Mommy, and Daddy attended their 3rd “Music Together” class on Saturday.

6. Birdie talks non-stop about music class. She loves the shakers and sticks, and her teacher Brenda.

7. I look forward to my return to Instagram so that I can say a big hello to Staccato Music Studies.

8. I decided to take a break from Facebook and Instagram for the month of January. I mostly stuck to my guns. I miss my peeps.

9. I’ve realized that not being on social media has left me feeling incredibly disconnected from both friends and family. I wonder what everyone is up to?

10. I overheard a conversation about how this person only ever calls her friends, and that she never sends text messages, and how they are always like, “Why are you calling me?” I totally know how they feel.

TTTMy first TTT! This is exciting. Leave a comment below if you are actively participating–I’m curious to see how this has grown since Sarah over at Journey2DFuture started the challenge on WordPress a few years back.

There isn’t much explaining to do. You post 10 thoughts every Tuesday. So here goes!

This week I have a theme:

In the Office

I have a new office mate. She is the third person to share an office with me since August. I wasn’t sure at first how much energy I had left to help this new person feel welcome, as two awesome ladies have come and gone, and thus left me broken-hearted. As it turns out, the new person is also really quite lovely and I am happy that her and I will be sharing a work space. So yesterday I bought her flowers.

1. Thought: There is always energy available to help someone feel welcome. Don’t be an asshole.

My colleague, who I like to call my work husband, because we bicker like an old married couple, bought me an original Whoopee Cushion for my birthday. I mentioned to him once how uptight I used to be about fart humour, but how I actually find it funny now. I’m going to pull it out after my lunch break for a little afternoon giggle.

“When anyone “SITS-ON-IT” it emits a REAL Bronx Cheer.”

2. Thought: The older I get, the more immature I am becoming.

My colleague and friend was away on Friday, and so another co-worker and I rearranged and organized her office as a surprise. She has been talking about doing it for months, but hasn’t had the time or interest. In other words, it’s not really her thing–but it sure is my thing! If I could get paid [well] to clean and organize for a living believe me I would change careers in a heartbeat! She loves her new space.

3. Thought: In hindsight, changing someone’s office around without their consent and/or input is pretty ballsy. Thank God it went well.

Every second Wednesday we have a themed potluck in the office. This week’s theme is: Rock & Roll. Past themes have included: Indian Summer, Childhood Favourites, Foods in Movies, Magic, and Colours of the Rainbow. Themes are chosen randomly, and are up for interpretation.

4. Thought: What the fuck am I going to make tomorrow?

My colleagues told me that if they were going to surprise me with an office make-over, they would paint and steam clean, and then put everything back the way it was because my. space. is. so. awesome.

5. Thought: My office mates know I’m a bit of a control freak but love me anyway.

I have three pictures of my little Bird up on my wall. All black and white and all insanely cute. I also have B’s art hanging in my office which has gotten a lot of attention.

6. Thought: I feel so lucky to work in an art school.

The same colleague that bought me the fart cushion wrote me a little note on a yellow Post-it Note that says: “Please watch your mouse.” I have a potty mouth.

7. Thought: This note makes me smile.

I love stationary. My new thing is to make notes on graph paper. I just bought myself a new notebook to help keep me organized. I’m excited to start using it.

8. Thought: I’m hesitant to make the first mark.

I have a 1.5 L water bottle sitting on my desk. I try to consume at least 1 L of water during my work day. I do pretty well, usually. I’m looking for a nice 1 or 1.5 L bottle that will inspire me to drink more water during the day.

9. Thought: They are hard to find.

My husband and I collect unique, mostly handmade coffee mugs. I recently bought a super fun rainbow mug from a student art sale here at the school. In fact I bought two! P wasn’t as excited about the mugs as I was so I have one that I use exclusively at work, and one that I use at home.

10. Thought: I love them.

Breakfast for Dinner

I’m really looking forward to dinner tonight. We’re having breakfast for dinner!

I’ll be making a hash that basically involves throwing whatever we have in the fridge into a large frying pan, frying it up, and topping the pan-fried mixture with eggs cooked over easy. Delicious right?

There is no real recipe to follow–everything goes!

Tonight’s hash will consist of a combo of sweet potato and yellow potato (pre-baked at 350° for 45 minutes), avocado oil, garlic, onion, chorizo, frozen corn, sweet red pepper, salt, pepper, basil, and paprika. Eggs are topped with a sprinkle of Montreal steak spice and chopped green onion.

I literally cannot wait for dinner. Yum!

…and here it is. It was all that I dreamed of, and more!


Breastfeeding Birdie

A sweet little video of me feeding 8 month old Baby B. I forgot how big my boobs were!

Birdie just asked for some boobie and got very upset because there was very little milk. The crocodile tears are. killing. me.

Click here if you can’t see the embedded video above.